The Highland Society
of London


A very warm welcome, as you enter our portal, on behalf of the Highland Society of London.

We trust that this provides a suitable platform for information which is easily accessible for you whether you are a Member or a non-Member.

The purpose of the site is to provide a portal for posting notices for events; for providing updates on our charitable donations and activities; and for informing Members of our long and proud history, of our support for the traditions of Scotland, and in particular piping.

I continue to encourage all Members to use the portal regularly. Above all, my, and the Committee’s, aim is to encourage Members to engage more with the Society wherever they are based around the world.

We seek to increase the financial support that we give to our chosen charities. We have set up our JustGiving site on the face of the website to enable Members and non-Members to give one-off donations or regular payments by direct debit, however big or small. Members are also encouraged to suggest new beneficiaries for donations close to their hearts provided such beneficiaries fall within the focus of the Society’s objects. It is very pleasing and encouraging that our funds for distribution have started to grow.

With nearly 400 members I do hope that, proudly and collectively, we can step up our support for existing and new beneficiaries in this way. We will continue to update the website whenever it is merited. I know that many Members enjoy attending Society events because it is an excellent opportunity to meet up with old friends and to hear some fine piping. Thus the website is also intended to better enable this part of the Society’s activities to operate, and to continue to enjoy each other’s company.

Thank you for your interest and support

Yours aye

Duncan Byatt