The Highland Society
of London


The Highland Society of London is a charity which exists to promote and support the traditions and culture of the Highlands of Scotland, focusing on activities that are brought to the attention of the Committee of Management by the Society’s Members. Throughout its more than 200 years’ history, the Society has a proud record of financing and otherwise supporting significant charitable activities both in the Highlands and also in London. This assistance has varied as the needs of Highlanders have changed over the years, but has always had a particular bias towards piping and education. In recent years, the Society has focused on making annual awards to individuals who excel in particular pursuits traditional to the Highlands and Islands, hoping as a result to bring those traditions to a wider public in Scotland and beyond.

The extent to which the Society can contribute to the continuing celebration of the particular culture of the Highlands is dependent on the level of donations from its Members. At the same time, it is important that the Membership is aware and supports the activities of the Society. The main purpose of this website therefore is to increase the level of engagement between Members and the Society, by providing regular communication to Members about the charitable activities of the Society and by establishing a forum where Members can bring worthy causes to the attention of the Society.

To that end, Members are encouraged to use the justgiving site to make regular donations to the Society; and to contact the Committee of Management with any ideas for potential new grants or awards. The extent of existing charitable donations is outlined below and on the corresponding pages of this site.

The Society awards the prestigious Gold Medal for the best player of Piobaireachd at each of the Argyllshire Gathering and the Northern Meeting, annually; and awards prizes at various other Piping competitions, including the Scottish Piping Society of London and the Skye Gathering.

Each year the Society also gives an art prize through the Royal Scottish Academy, and has recently instituted an essay prize with the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Gaelic singing prizes are awarded at the Royal National Mod; and the Society supports Highland Dancing at the Glenfinnan Games and at Queen Victoria School in Dunblane.

In addition, the Society makes financial grants to a number of related charities and organisations that promote and support Highland traditions and culture.